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Mark Devlin (UK) "REALITY TALK"


Mark Devlin (UK) "REALITY TALK"

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Mark Devlin (UK)


Mark Devlin"Reality talk with Mark Devlin about his new book "THE MUSICAL TRUTH" Mark Devlin is a UK-based club and radio DJ, music journalist and author. Since 1990 he has played gigs all over the UK, and in over 40 countries around the world.

In more recent years, he has turned his efforts towards researching and exposing the many ways in which the corporate music industry and its key artists, are being manipulated by malevolent forces for mind control and social engineering purposes.

He now presents public talks on these subjects, as well as appearing on radio, and producing two regular podcast series - The Sound Of Freedom and Good Vibrations.

He is currently researching and writing a book, to be titled 'Musical Truth', bringing together all his findings so far.

Lecture: "Free will consciousness, consent and the corporate music industry". In this talk, he will be exposing how the mainstream music industry is used to cast mind-control spells into the subconscious minds of the unwitting general public.

These manipulations tie in with the eternal and timeless concepts of free will consciousness, consenting and contracting. The talk shows how the controllers understand how the laws of the universe by which we are all bound work, and seek to cheat karmic consequence in line with their dark agenda.

Crucially, the talk ends by looking at positive solutionary steps that individuals can apply to break the spell and take back their power.

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